W&W Investment Managers offers a highly flexible and bespoke service with all the expertise needed to execute any mandate.

Investment Management

W&W Investment Managers, as a MiFID authorised entity, executes mandates on UCITS and Alternative funds. Asset classes across which the firm executes are equity, fixed income, private equity, private debt, infrastructure, loan origionation, renewables and FX on both single strategy and multi manager funds.

  • The image above outlines the full suite of services available from W&W Investment managers (WWIM).
  • All services are not mutually exclusive and may be combined in any arrangement to best fit the Investor's requirements.
  • WWIM can team with any Depository, Administrator or Advisor as per the Investors wishes.
  • New market entrants may have existing international relationships. If not, WWIM can arrange the full end-to-end process from structuring to execution.
  • A typical path may see the fund manager employ WWIM as IM who will execute the Mandate.
    - The IM may or may not engage an Advisor.
    - As part of the mandate the IM may execute some, all or none of Mde / ColM / CM or FXM.
  • WWIM’s sister company, WWAMD, has a 'Super ManCo' (UCITS and AIF) fund manager licence.
  • WWIM parent, Asset Management GmbH, has over 180 investment professionals managing €40b across all the asset classes.​

Investment Advisory

W&W Investment Managers, as a MiFID investment entity, provides investment Advice on MiFID and AIF regulated Funds. The Firm currently advises on long duration fixed income and FX strategies.

Authorised Instruments
& Investments


  • Transferable securities.
  • Money-market instruments.
  • Units in collective investment undertakings.
  • Derivs re: secs/ccys/IRYs/EAs phys/ cash settled.
  • Derivatives re: commodities - settled in cash.
  • Sale, Repo & reverse repo agreement.
  • Securities borrowing/lending agreements.
  • Certs conferring property rights.

Investment Services

  • Receiving/Transmitting orders.
  • Executing client orders.
  • Portfolio management.

Cash Management

As with many private market strategies capital is committed and allocated up front but called over an investment period of up to 3+ years. The firm executes active cash management within the private markets and as a standalone strategies.

Collateral Management

Our bond funds have collateral management strategies embedded, primarily as a yield enhancement tool.

FX Services


The Firm executes FX Management strategies and mandates across a variety of asset classes. The strategies involve share class hedging, portfolio hedging and look-through hedging. Hedging ratios, frequency, tenure and tolerance bounds are agreed at the outset and FX advisory may also be incorporated if requested.

FX Strategies

Our Experienced Investment managers run stand alone FX strategies focused on ourtight currency positioning and shorter term momentum strategies.